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SERIOUS HAPPINESS limited edition (6 Stk. fem.)
70,00 EUR

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Development of SERIOUSLY LIMITED – the NEW LIMITED EDITION LINE: Serious Seeds is constantly busy with new breeding projects and the development of new crosses. Simon, the owner and breeder of Serious Seeds, wants to ONLY release a strain, when he is totally satisfied with its properties next to stability and uniformity. Before we release a new strain to the market, we want our growers worldwide to test the new variety. Therefore we give away testseeds at international fairs (e.g. Spannabis, Cultiva, Expogrow, Cannafest, High Times Cannabis Cup etc.) to all our growers who buy a pack of our seeds there. They send us their feedback per e-mail after they have grown them. Once we see that our Serious growers are satisfied with the new cross, we will start to produce a limited amount of seeds as a limited edition called SERIOUSLY LIMITED. We will ALWAYS ONLY RELEASE 4000 packs (each with a unique serialnumber) of a certain strain within this limited edition. Gone is gone, so you beter be fast! This way we can further work on stabilizing the new strain and at the same time ALL growers can try the new variety. All feedback on the new variety is very welcome and can be e-mailed to The opinion and experience of the growers decide! ONLY when we see that our Serious growers are really happy with a SERIOUSLY LIMITED strain, we will start to produce this new strain on a regular basis and add it to the Serious Seeds catalogue. The FIRST development of this NEW limited edition called SERIOUSLY LIMITED is the new cross of AK-47 with Warlock called SERIOUS HAPPINESS.

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